You can quickly add a customer when you book a new appointment directly from your calendar.


Adding Clients at the time of booking

To add a client at the time of booking, simply type their name into the field "Add or Select a Client"

You can choose an existing client from the drop-down as they pop up, or you can add a new client by just typing their name. Be sure to add a phone number and/or email address if you'd like them to be notified of their appointment!

Adding a client to booking at time of booking

Adding Clients to Existing Bookings

You can add clients to existing bookings by selecting the booking and hitting "Change", which is shown in orange at the bottom of the booking, on the bottom right-hand side of your screen: 

Existing booking

You can then start typing the name in the field below and add in clients:

Adding client to existing booking

Confirm the changes you've made by hitting "Change" which will be shown in blue at the very bottom of the booking information:

Confirm change