10to8 keeps a record of your customers for you. For this article, customers will be referred to as "Customers", but your customers may be known as any of the following in your 10to8 business account: Customers, Clients, Patients, Students, or Trainees. 

If you'd like to change the noun used, please contact support, who will be happy to do this for you.  


Where can I find my customer records?

Your customer records can be found within your 10to8 business account, under the "Customers" tab within the menu on the left-hand side.

customer list

This tab will show you your customers in list form, and when you click on a customer, you will be able to see all the details that you have relating to them. You can view their appointments and their appointment history here too.

At the bottom of this page, you will find the option to delete a customer. Find out how to delete customers in bulk by heading to our deleting-customer-profiles article. You can also export their data to an excel file. You can mute customers messaging, and manage whether or not they have given consent to contact via checkboxes:

Delete customer, export, mute and contact consent

Booking a customer

Within your "Customers" tab, choose the customer you'd like to book, and you can make appointments with them directly from the customer record. 

Making a booking directly from customer record

Search options 

By clicking on the arrow next to the search bar, you have a number of options by which you can search your customers:

  • Search by names, tags, emails, phone numbers, addresses, and custom fields
  • Search by tags
  • Show customers with upcoming appointments
  • Show inactive customers
  • Show customers without registered consent

This allows you to find customers more easily based on your requirements.

Search by:

Please see our support article on how-to-merge-duplicate-customer-records, for information on linking records together when you find yourself with 2, or multiple records of the same customer.