There are a few different ways that you can extract the data that you need for your business from your 10to8 account. Whether it is though a Legacy Export of all the data from your account, or individually on  per customer basis. 


Legacy Export

This tab can be found by going to "Inbox & Exports" > "Legacy Export". A legacy export contains all of the information from the entire history of your time using 10to8. 

Accounts that have administrator permissions enabled on their staff profile are able to export three different types of spreadsheets containing information about: 

  • Customers
  • Staff
  • Appointments

To perform a legacy export please click any of the three buttons labelled as "Export customers", "Export staff", or "Export appointments" and wait a few seconds for a new file to appear in the list below, with the most recent starting at the top. Click the blue "Download" button to save the spreadsheet as a CSV file on your computer. The data can be viewed in Excel or another spreadsheet application. 

Legacy export screen

When exporting a list of customer information through the Legacy export, you will receive the following information:

An example of a spreadsheet of customer information from a legacy export

When exporting a list of staff you will receive a spreadsheet of the following information:

An example of a spreadsheet of staff data from a legacy export.

When exporting a list of appointments you will receive a spreadsheet of the following information:

An example of a spreadsheet of appointment data from a legacy export.

From here, you can gather all the different data 10to8 stores about your appointments in order for you to keep track of your bookings. From being able to collate customer email addresses to send out email campaigns using a tool such as MailChimp, to having the exact data to analyse no shows.

Exporting Individual Customer Data

If one of your customers requests an export of their data that you hold, or for any other reason you would like to export all the data relating to one specific client, you can do this very easily. 

Firstly, please go to the "Customers" tab and begin typing the client's name in the search bar. When you have found them, click on their name which will open their profile. If you that customer has multiple customer records on 10to8, you can merge them by following the instructions in this article. 

Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue "Export data for customer" link. 

A customer profile page with the export button highlighted.

A download for an XLSX file will start and once it has downloaded you can find the following data in the export:

  • Personal Details
  • Events
  • Messages

Export Events

This is our newest and most robust exporting tool that you can use to run reports and create spreadsheets for a specific time range. To find this, please go to "Inbox & Exports" > "Export Events". For a guide on how to use the new and improved tool please see this article.  

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