Exporting All Customer Data

Admin accounts can export their customer’s list by going to "Inbox & Exports" > "Legacy Export"

Click "Export Customers" and wait a few seconds until it shows DOWNLOAD in the list below.

This file will show all the customer details together with the appointments, the staff members that had bookings with the client, internal notes and attendance. See an example here:

You can also export customer data for a specific date range with the next exporter functions which you can read about here.

Exporting Individual Customer Data

In case one of your customers has requested an export of their data or you would like to export all data relating to one specific client, you can use the following steps.

Firstly you will need to go to “Customers” on 10to8 and find the customer you want to export all data for. In case that specific customer has multiple customer records on 10to8, you can merge them by following the steps in this article.

Once you are on the customer record scroll to the bottom and click the “Export data for Customer” link.


A download for an XLSX file will start and once downloaded you can find the following data in the export:

  • Personal Details

  • Events

  • Messages