Every 10to8 account comes with a public-facing, unique booking page, from which your clients are able to book appointments with your business.

This article will explain how you can use your 10to8 Booking Page, as well as how to customise it to better suit your business.


What your customers see

A screenshot of an online booking page.

Your online booking page is fully customisable to your specific business. This is an example of what your customers will see when making an appointment. They will click "See Times" on the service that they are interested in to be shown which time slots are available to book. If you have a description added to any service then your customers will see another blue button next to the "See Times" button labelled as "See Details". 

After clicking or tapping "See Times" your customers will be brought to a page where they are able to select the location they would like the appointment to take place at - this is only if your settings are configured to allow the customer to book at various locations. 

A screenshot of the location selection of your online booking page.

After selecting the location at which the service will take place, your customers will see a list of time slots and dates that they can select, depending on how your availability is set up.

A screenshot of the time slots available on an online booking page.

After selecting a time slot your customer will be taken to a page where they must enter their details to confirm the booking. By going to "Online Booking" > "Booking Process" you can add as many optional or required questions as you like at the time of booking, you can choose to have your answers to these questions as text, checkboxes, or yes/no options. 

A screenshot of the final form your customer has to fill in to book an appointment.

It is important that your customer ticks the box next to "Permission to use your information to make bookings" as it is necessary to complete the booking. Once this form is filled in your customer will see the option to book another appointment - if your settings allow this. 

How to find your Booking Page

If you head to 'Online Booking > Booking Page' within your 10to8 account, you will see a section titled "How it works". Within this section, you will find a URL, unique to your booking page. Clicking this will take you to your Booking Page. You can also share this URL publicly, to allow your clients to book with your business.

The 'How it works' section of your page.

How to customise your Booking Page

You will find there are several options to make your Booking Page as personal as possible. Below are links to guides outlining the different steps to customise your page.

How to structure your Booking Page

How to brand your Booking Page

How to use a subdomain for your Booking Page

How to redirect a successful/rejected booking

How to use UTM tracking on your Booking Page

How to add Google Analytics to your Booking Page

Things to note

  • Some features may require a subscription to one of our Paid Plans. For a breakdown of the features available on each Plan, visit 10to8.com/pricing.
  • You have the ability to create multiple Booking Pages. Visit this guide for more information.

If you encounter any issues, or have any further questions, please get in touch at help@10to8.com