When customers book appointments online they will be asked questions, such as "Name", "Email", etc. You can manage those questions and also add custom ones to get the answers you need!

We also offer to manage opt-in questions, more details here.

How to add new questions

To add a new question go to "Online Booking" > reopened left-hand navigation > "Booking Process".

You can add your own questions via the “Add New Question” button. Once clicked you get the option to enter the question in the provided text field. On the right next to it you can pick the answer option. There are two options "Text" and "Yes/No".

The "Text" option will allow the customer to give a text-based answer.

The "Yes/No" option will give the customer the option to tick a box to reply yes or no.

Service specific questions

You can set up service specific questions (only available for Enterprise Accounts). To do this you can use the drop-down provided to select a specific service and then click the "Use different settings for <service_name>".

How to view the answers a customer submitted upon booking

Once a customer booked an appointment with you, the answers to the questions will be added to the appointment as a note.