With 10to8 you are able to book more than one appointment at a time. This guide outlines the steps you need to take to book multiple appointments in one go with a single company.


How to add more bookings

During the booking process, all you need to do is click the 'Add Another Booking' button once you've filled in your information. This will take you back to the page where you select a date and time. Select the date and time for the additional appointment, and repeat the process as many times as you wish to book.

What happens if someone books the time I wanted?

If someone else has booked the time you were trying to book, you will get a notice during the booking process, informing you of this. You would need to remove that booking and replace it.

What if some services are free but others require payment?

At checkout, you will be able to pay for all the services that the payment is required for. You will also be informed of any fees that may be due in the future (from the company you book with).

If any errors appear during the booking process, please get in touch with the company you are booking with, who may be able to assist further.

What if I want to turn this off?

If you want to stop customers from being able to book more than one appointment at a time you are able to turn this feature off. To turn off multiple bookings go to "Online Booking" > "Booking Page" and scroll down to "Advanced Options" > "Shopping Cart". You can then untick the box next to "Allow customers to book multiple appointments in one go". This will take the option to "Add another Booking" off of the booking page that the customer will see.