You can organize services, on your booking page, into groups. Within each service group you can also sort individual services.

To get start head over too "Online Booking" and scroll down to "Services".

Add and sort Groups of Services

To add a Group of services to your booking page click the "Add a new Group" button. Now you can rename the Group and add services to that Group via the "+ Add service" button.

If you like to change the order of Service Groups you can use the arrow buttons next to the Group Name.

Add and sort Services

To add a Service to your booking page you can use the "+ Add service" button on each individual Group. If the service you are trying to add is not already in the system you can add the service via that button as well. After adding it you will be able to change the service settings under "Set Up" > "Services".

To sort Services on your Booking Page you can use the arrows between two different services to swap them and this way change the order.