With 10to8, you have the ability to organise your service on your booking page, rearranging the order of them, or categorizing them into groups. This guide will outline how to achieve this.


All of the steps within this guide happen at the "Online Booking" > "Booking Page" section of your 10to8 account.

How to add and sort groups of services

To add a Group of services to your booking page click the "Add a new Group" button. Now you can rename the Group and add services to that Group via the "+ Add service" button.

This is the section of your account where you organise your services.

To change the order of the groups, use the blue Arrow buttons, found next to the title of the group.

How to add and sort your services

To add a Service to your booking page you can use the "+ Add service" button on each individual Group. If the service you are trying to add is not already in the system you can add the service via that button as well. After adding it you will be able to change the service settings under "Set Up" > "Services".

You can use the blue arrows between your services to rearrange the order of your services.

A live preview of your 10to8 booking page can also be seen to the right of this menu, allowing you to see in real-time how your page will appear to your customers.

If you need any further guidance or experience any issues using this feature, please get in touch with us at help@10to8.com.