To make it easier for your customers, you can prefill their name, email and phone number on the booking form. This can be done by including them in the URL that the customer would use to access your booking page.

The URL you would need to should look like this:{{URL}}/select-staff-and-location-if-needed/?service={{service_id}}&name={{customer_name}}&email={{customer_email}}&number={{customer_phone}}

Let me explain the different tags that you need to fill in:

  • {{URL}} - This is the custom part of your 10to8 booking page URL. For example, if your booking page URL is, you would need to set this to bookings.

  • {{service_id}} - This is the ID for the service you want the customer to book. You can find it in the service-specific URL. If your service-specific URL is,

    the service id would be 916182.

  • {{customer_name}} - Here you can enter the customer’s name.

  • {{customer_email}} - Here you can enter the customer’s email.

  • {{customer_phone}} - Here you can enter the customer’s phone number. Please make sure to include the dialling code for the country of the phone number (e.g. +44).

An example URL would look like this: 

If you are, for example running a MailChimp campaign to invite customers to book with you, you could prefill the customer details with MailChimp’s Merge Tags function.