10to8 can record useful marketing fields against new customers, so that you can work out:

  1. Which website is referring customers to you

  2. Which of your email campaigns is generating new bookings

  3. If your paid Google Ads are generating business

Before reading the rest of this article, we recommend reading this introduction to UTM parameters. This is a more advanced topic, but worth understanding if you are running specific campaigns to grow your business.

If you enable the "Track new clients with UTM and other marketing fields", then 10to8 will capture any UTM parameters, and the referrer for any customers that land on your booking page.

Here are two examples of how you might use this:

A Newsletter

You run a quarterly newsletter, with a link to book with you. You use a link building tool like this one. It would generate a booking URL something like:


Any customers who book using this URL will appear in the Customers Page within 10to8, with these UTM codes recorded.

If you run multiple newsletters with different content and different UTM codes, you can identify which ones are the most successful.

A Referrer

You join an online directory that lists businesses offering services like yours. They include a link on the directory to your 10to8 online booking page. When a potential customer clicks this link, we call that a referral. If they book with you, 10to8 captures that referral information and shows it to you on the Customers Page.

If you are listed on multiple categories on the online directory, you can use different UTM codes with each category, so that along with the referrer you can see which drive the most new bookings.

Advanced Settings

The previous examples only work if you link straight to your 10to8 booking page. However, if you run an email campaign or have referrals to your website, and then use a Booking Button, Widget or Link to drive users to book with you, the tracking codes are unfortunately lost before they get to 10to8.

Instead, include the following code snippet in the <head>  tag of your website:


<script async defer src="https://10to8.com/apps/janus-tracker/code.js"></script>



This will capture the UTM and marketing parameters immediately when the customers land on your website. When they place a booking with you, they will be recorded in the Customers Page, as if the customer had landed on 10to8 at the very start.