You can now add a booking button straight to your business page on Facebook:


  • You cannot add a booking button to your personal Facebook page, it must be a business page.

  • Note that you have two ways to add a Book Now button. One would be the blue call-to-action below the cover image and the other one would be on the left-hand-side menu below the logo and name. 

  • Only the blue call-to-action button works on mobile, so it's good to have both options set to get as many bookings as possible.

How to add a blue call-to-action button

Go to Business Manager to manage your Facebook page and follow the instructions here. This button will send people to your booking page once you add the URL.

How to add a 'Book Now' button to Facebook

  • Login to your 10to8 account

  • Go to "Online Booking" > “Widgets” > "Facebook Bookings", and click the link to start the process.

  • Select the page you want to add the button to.

  • This will take you back to your Facebook page and you can see the button.

  • If you have lots of apps or tabs set up on your Facebook page, you might want to reorder them so your button is more prominent.

What do your customers see?

This is the same booking flow as your customers will experience from clicking a “Book Now” button on your website (if you've installed one) which brings them to your 10to8 booking page.

  • Your customer can click on your “Book Now” button in Facebook

  • This will open up your services which they can hover over and click “See Times

  • Once they click the book button, they are then brought to your availability page, where they can select a time that suits them.

Attention: The Facebook Page integration will not work on pages with less than 2000 likes.