Whenever you book an appointment, reschedule, cancel, or accept or reject a booking request, 10to8 automatically lets your client know so that you are all on the same page.

While taking care of this for you, 10to8 also gives you control over how this happens. You can select which methods we use (email or SMS) and the content of the messages. You can either use the default behaviour, or you can make changes to give it your personal flair.

Booking Messages

When you are making a booking in the side panel, click "Advanced Communications" to see the messages that 10to8 will send once the booking is complete.

Message panel

You can change whether 10to8 sends an email or SMS, or both! If you are on the Grow Plan or above, you can edit the content of these messages too. The magic {{customer_name}} and {{datetime}} fields are replaced with the actual customer's name and the time of the booking before you send the message, but you can still choose to remove these fields if you want.

Cancelling, Rebooking and Accepting/Rejecting Booking Requests

Whenever you change an existing booking, you have the opportunity to control the messages that will be sent to keep the client informed, just as you can when booking. Again, you can change whether email and SMS are used, and if you are on the Grow Plan or above you can change the content.

Email panel

Advanced Styling with Markdown

All 10to8 messages are styled using Markdown which allows you to write rich and expressive messages for your clients, including bold, italic, headers, and links. Here is a detailed guide on using Markdown.