To get started, head over to "Messaging" > "Staff Messaging".

The reminders you set up will be sent to all staff members at your business before their bookings. Any staff with admin permissions can change these settings.

How to add reminders?

You can add a staff reminder via the "Add Reminder" button. This will present you with a new row giving you the option to pick the reminder type (SMS or Email) and when it should be sent.

Staff reminder panel

Be aware that we only offer to send staff SMS reminders on our Grow Plan or above. On our Free Plan and Basic Plan, you can use the email option.

How to delete reminders?

You can delete a staff reminder by clicking on the trash icon next to the reminder.

The reminder I set up was not sent to my staff

If this happens, please make sure that the staff member that did not get a reminder has set up a mobile number/email address on their staff record. You can find their staff record under "Set Up" > "Staff".