To get started, head over to "Messaging" > "Staff Messaging".

On this page, you can enable Email and/or SMS booking notifications for your staff (SMS notifications are featured on our Basic plans and above only.)

Please note this is an organization-level setting, meaning those notifications would be sent out to any staff members across the organization that have an email address or mobile number saved under their staff profile. 

If you wish to disable booking notifications for a specific staff member you will need to remove their email or phone contacts from their staff's profile in "Set Up" > "Staff"

Any staff with admin permissions can change these settings.

How to add reminders?

You can add a staff reminder via the "Add Reminder" button. This will present you with a new row giving you the option to pick the reminder type (Email, SMS or Desktop notification) and when it should be sent.

A screenshot demonstrating how to set up Staff Reminders

Be aware that we only offer to send staff SMS or Desktop notification reminders on our Basic Plan or above. 

How to delete reminders?

You can delete a staff reminder by clicking on the trash icon next to the reminder.

Troubleshooting Staff notifications issues. 

If your staff isn't getting either booking notifications or reminders, the first thing you'd want to check is that they have set up a valid email address/mobile number on their staff record. You can check their staff record under "Set Up" > "Staff".

Please also note that you would not be receiving the new booking notifications for when you book an appointment yourself in your diary, but you would still be receiving reminders for those bookings.