To get started, go to "Messaging" > "Customer Messaging". Now you have to select if you want to set up your messaging preferences for either all services or only specific services.

Screenshot showing the edit customer messages menu

Booking Notifications

The "Booking Notifications" refers to messages such as the booking confirmation, cancellation or change. You can pick if to send those types of messages via SMS or Email.


You can add reminders by clicking the "Add Reminder" button. Once clicked you get the option to select the type (SMS, Email or Voice) and the time when it should be sent. The time you define is the time before the appointment, and you can pick between Weeks, Days, Hours or Minutes.

Screenshot showing the 10to8 reminder panel

Follow-up Messaging

You are also able to set follow-up emails, SMS, or voice calls to be received after your customer's appointment. 

In the "Reminders/Follow-ups" section, click the button that says "Add Reminder/Follow-up" and select the type of message you would like to send: SMS, email, or voice call. You can also select how long since the appointment you would like the follow-up to be sent, from Minutes, Hours, Days, or Weeks. Also, ensure that you have selected "after" so that the message is sent as a follow-up and not a reminder.

Screenshot showing the email follow-up menu panel

This feature enables you to ask your customers whether they would like to contact you again to rebook their appointments or ask for feedback on your service.