Every time you book an appointment, 10to8 sends confirmation messages and reminders to your client to keep them informed.

If your clients do not read these messages, there is a chance they won’t show up to their appointments. 10to8 tracks your messages, helping you identify these clients so you can act fast.

When a client does not read one of your messages, 10to8 will alert you with an unread-count next to "Reports" under "Inbox & Reports":

In this screengrab, this means the most recent message sent to the client has not been read or delivered. This might mean:

  1. The client's contact details are incorrect. Open the booking to check, and look for the delivery ticks by each message.

  2. The client may not have had time to read the message yet - they are given 12 hours to read messages before this alert appears.

  3. The client may be regular and you are confident they will show up. Click "Hide" to dismiss the alert.

  4. The client has not read the message and is not going to show up. To send another message, click on the alert and then click "Send Message" to chase them up.

We already know that 10to8 reduces no-shows by 90+%. Use the Reports page if you want 100% certainty.