If you have a patient who needs monthly checkups or a student who takes weekly music lessons, 10to8 makes it easy to book them in for recurring appointments with just a few clicks.


Booking recurring appointments

Any service type can be booked in a series. Open the booking side panel and select the service, client, and other options as you would for any one-off booking.

After selecting the time for the first appointment in the series, select "Repeat".

repeat booking

In 10to8, you can select to repeat the bookings every day, week, every 2-weeks or every month.

Note: Currently the client will receive notifications and reminders for each booking.

Managing recurring appointments

Once you have booked the series, you can cancel or change each booking individually as normal. You can send messages to your clients and any replies from your clients will appear in the Inbox and against the right booking in your calendar.

To cancel the series, open any booking in the series and click "More" and then "Cancel Series".

cancel series