Read the following article to learn the different options that we have when we book an appointment directly from our 10to8 calendar and how to make sure that we don’t get double bookings.


Different methods of booking

There are 3 different ways you can use to book an appointment:

  • From the three dots on the top right corner 

  • By clicking on the + icon on the bottom right corner 

  • Click directly on the calendar. If you double click on the day and time where you want to book the appointment, that would save you a bit of time.

Adding important information

A screenshot of the calendar making an appointment

Once you choose one of those three options, you will get a window where you have to add all the appointment details using the drop-down menu:

  • Add the service

  • Add the customer

You can type the name and select it from the list of customers, but if the customer is not on your database, you can also add it from there.

Click on "Add customer" and then add their email and phone number. This is important if you want them to get notifications from you.

You have now the possibility to edit the email or SMS that will be sent as part of the confirmation email. And of course, you can also eliminate one of these 2 options in case you don’t want to send an email or SMS for this particular appointment.

  • Add the day and time

  • Add the location and room, if necessary

  • Add the staff member

When the staff or the location is not available, the system warns you to make sure that you don’t get double booked. Once you see that everything is ready, click "BOOK" and that’s it!

Multiple bookings in the same slot

However, you can also allow your staff members to take multiple bookings within the same slot. In effect, this would mean that a member of staff can be double-booked for the same service, but with different clients.

You can find and set up this feature by going to:

  •  "Online Booking" > "Booking Page" > "Advanced Options" > "Simultaneous Availability Settings

A screenshot of the online booking tab showing where to find the simultaneous availability setting.

You can also select how many times you’d like this slot to be available from here. For example, if you select 3 times, then you can be booked 3 times in that time slot.

Furthermore, this is an all or nothing setting, so, if you select it, then it will automatically be applied to all of your staff members and all of the services on your account.

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