This article will teach you all you need to know about managing your appointments in 10to8 so that you can be as organised and efficient as possible with your booking system.

A screenshot of the calendar page with an appointment open

When opening an appointment via the calendar, the inbox, or the reports view you are able to see different actions that you can make. All the actions are in the bottom left-hand corner and they sometimes differ depending on the status of the appointment.


Send Message

With the "Send Message" action you can send a personal message via SMS or Email to 1-to-1 bookings. On either messaging style you have the option to attach a file that can be downloaded via the link provided. The file cannot be larger than 25MB and this messaging feature is not available on class bookings.

A screenshot of the right-hand side bar showing the appointment details after you have clicked send message.

Add Note

With the "Add Note" action you can add a private note that will only be visible to you as a staff member. If you would like to attach a file, as a note, to the appointment, you can click the "Attach File" button. It can be found after clicking on "More". The file you attach cannot be larger than 25MB, any file larger than this will not be visible to the customer. 

Accept/Reject Request

If a customer requests an appointment, a change, or a cancellation and you did not set it to be automatically approved, you will get the option to either accept or reject the particular request.


If you would like to change any details about the appointment, click on "Change" and you will be presented with a form that allows you to change the time, date, staff, service type, room, and location.

A screenshot of the right-hand side bar showing the appointment details after you have clicked change

In addition to this, after clicking "Change"  you have the option to click on the appointment in the calendar and drag it around if you would like to move it to another slot during the same week.  


In case you every have to cancel  an appointment, click "Cancel". You will be able to change the message content (only on the Grow Plan or above) of the cancellation message and then complete the process. 

If the appointment was booked as part of a series, it will also give you the option to cancel the whole series at once. 

A screenshot of the right-hand side bar showing the appointment details after you have clicked cancel

You need to have the contact details of the customer (email or mobile number) to be able to send them the cancellation communications. 

Book Again

If you would like to book the same appointment again for a different time or date, then you can click "Book Again", and the system will populate a booking form with the same details.


In case you would like to record a payment taken outside of 10to8, you can click on "Payment", pick the amount the customer paid and then the method that you took the payment via. Once recorded it will appear in the appointment details. 


On the day of the appointment, the list underneath the activity window will change. You will no longer see the option to cancel the appointment but instead you will be able to mark your customer as "Arrived" or "No-Show". This enables you to keep track of how many customers were at their appointments and how many 'did not attend'. You are able to monitor this in your dashboard or by running reports.

A screenshot of the calendar page on the day of an appointment

For more information regarding the activity window, please see this article.

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