This article will show you how to access different calendar views to make it easy to view the information that it is important to you and your business.


The Different Tabs 

There are a variety of calendar views, all of which you can find under "Calendar" in the left-hand side navigation bar. 

  1. All Staff (1 day) - where you are able to see the calendar for all members of staff for one specific day. It could be "today" or it could be any other single day that you would like to view.This is only visible if you have more than one staff member. 
  2. All Rooms (1 day) - where you are able to see all bookings in all rooms for one specific day at a time. Again, this is only visible if you have rooms configured. 
  3. All Staff & Rooms - where you can see all the bookings for your entire business, across all staff and all rooms, for several days at once. 
  4. Staff/Room week views - here you can select the individual staff member or room's name, then you can see all the bookings for a particular staff or room for several days at once.

How To Access

For each calendar you are viewing, multiple settings can be applied which give you more control over what you can see in the calendar. To access these options, please click the "Options" button in the top right corner of the calendar.  

A screenshot of the calendar page showing where to click options

Calendar View Settings

A screenshot of the options page on the calendar

We offer the ability to make the following changes to the way you view the calendar.

  • "Colour appointments by" - you can change the colour coding used on the calendar by "Service Type", "Location", or "Arrived and no-show".
  • "Show" - you can decide between only showing appointments that have happened/are going to happen and all appointments, no matter if they have been cancelled or not.
  • "View Mode" - you can change between a standard calendar view and an agenda view. The agenda view will show you the agenda of all appointments on a day by day basis and minimises blank spaces between appointments.
  • "Calendar Height" - you can change the height of the hourly increments shown on the calendar. This way you can see more details on each appointment card. 

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