Gift vouchers can be a great way to boost sales and encourage clients to spread the word about your business to their friends.


How to configure

To do this, you'll need a Zapier account and a Gift Up account. Once you have an account, just follow these steps to start offering gift cards to your customers. 

By the time you finish this article, you'll be equipped to integrate 10to8 with thousands of other programs!

In 10to8

  1. Set up a service named 'Gift Voucher' by going to "Set Up" > "Services" > "Create 1-to-1 service".
  2. Make the service "Privately bookable with a URL".
  3. Add a public description stating that the customer can choose any slot which can either be cancelled or rescheduled, depending on your preference as a business.

A screenshot of the services page highlighting the areas that need to be configured.

In Zapier

  1. Go to Zapier and click on "Make A Zap
  2. Pick 10to8 as the app for the trigger.
  3. Select Gift Up as the app for the action.
  4. Choose either "New Appointment Is Booked" or "Time Before/After Appointment" as the trigger itself.
  5. Click Create Order to create a gift card in Gift Up. 
  6. Choose the 10to8 account you want to use. If you have not connected one yet, then connect a new 10to8 account. 
  7. On the next page, pick your 10to8 account. If you selected "Time Before/After Appointment" then also set the time before/after the appointment
  8. Test the step and pick the sample data that you want to use. 
  9. Create a second step, an "Action", and choose Gift Up
  10. Select "Create Order".
  11. Connect and select your Gift Up account.
  12. Now set up your template, either typing in a value that will be used for every voucher purchase, or selecting a dynamic value from the list which will be automatically updated for every purchase. One tip here is to include the link to your Gift Voucher service as part of the desired message on the gift card. 
  13. Now just test your Zap and you're done! An email will be automatically sent from Gift Up to the purchaser, who can then forward to email to the recipient!

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