Taking Payments Online

10to8 can take payments from your clients online, so that when their bookings appear in your calendar you can be confident that you have been paid. 10to8 supports PayPal and Stripe. They all allow your clients to pay you by debit/credit card without the need for them to create an account, although we encourage Stripe because it offers a better user experience for your clients.

To set up either, visit the "Set Up" > "Taking Payments" page in the product.

If you want to use PayPal, select it from the dropdown menu and enter your PayPal merchant account email address underneath. For more follow this link.

If you want to use Stripe, select it from the dropdown, click the Stripe Button and follow the instructions to link to your account. For more follow this link.

Once you have set up a way to take payments, visit "Set Up" > "Services" and you can configure prices. You can set a different price for each service, and you can select whether to:

  1. Just show the price but not charge;

  2. Allow the customer to pay, but allow them to skip if they don't want to;

  3. Force the customer to pay upon booking.

When a booking arrives in your Inbox, you'll be able to see that the client has paid in the details section at the top of the right side-bar.

Tracking other payments

If you take payments by cash or cheque when customers arrive, you can record these as well:

To do so, open the appointment in your calendar, click "Payment" (you might have to click "More" first) in the bottom right of the screen. Select which payment method you have accepted and enter an amount, before clicking to record the payment.