10to8 offers the ability to offer multiple lengths and prices for your services. This allows you to set unique price points for longer/shorter services, without the need to create many instances of the same service.


To offer more than one price for your service, head to "Online Booking > Booking Page" and look for the Services section:

Book appointment

You'll see a list containing all of your services. Click onto the one you wish to edit, and then follow these steps:

How to offer multiple prices for your services

  1. Click on the Add price/duration button: add price/duration
  2. You will see an additional set of options appear for the service
  3. Adjust the 'Payment' setting to include the new price. 
  4. It will automatically save the adjusted settings. You can view a preview of this in the booking page window, to the right.

How to offer multiple lengths for your services

  1. Click on the Add price/duration button
  2. in the options that appear, adjust the Duration setting as necessary.
  3. It will save your changes automatically.

How to see the different service options

To view the bookings, simply click on the See Details button on the service.

see details on service

This will show all available options for this service. 

This is also the view your clients will have when they try to place a booking with your business.

Things to note:

If you have customised the length of your service, and it is showing 'No Available Slots' message when you try viewing the service, please ensure your availability has enough space to account for the new service length, and any buffer time that the service may have.