If you wish to offer your clients more booking options you can now accomplish that by using the “Set interval between slots” feature. This will allow you to show a slot every 15 or 30 minutes even when the service is 120 minutes long.


How to set up intervals 

You can find this function under “Online Booking” > “Booking Page” > "Services"

  1. Click on one of the services that appear on your booking page.

  2. Tick the “Set interval between slots” option.

  3. Select how frequently 10to8 can show a slot to your customers.

A screenshot displaying where to find the tick box to allow intervals between appointments.

What customers see on the booking page

Instead of seeing a slot every 120 minutes, a customer will now see a 120 minutes long slot every 30 minutes.

A screenshot demonstrating a list of appointments available to the customer now that intervals have been added between bookings.

Please note, this feature is working differently from the “Buffer/travel time” option which is available in “Set Up” > “Services”. 

Using the intervals is mainly to give more flexibility to your clients when it comes to the time at which you offer available slots.

If you want to make sure you get a break in between two appointments you will need to use the buffer time which you can set up as per this support guide.