*This feature is available only on the Bigger Business Plan and above.*


If you allow services at Client’s address, you can now allocate the availability of your staff members not only to a specific location but also to a location radiusThis will help you create a consistent area based availability.

How to set it up 

  1. Create a location that will be used as the centre for the location radius. You can add the location under “Set Up” > “Locations” > “Premises”. When creating it you need to select your location from the Google Maps drop-down that will appear once you start entering your address.

  2. Make sure you have saved the Client’s address as a location in “Set Up” > “Locations”, and assigned it in “Services”. 

  3. Once you have done that you can go into “Set Up” > “Locations” > "Premises" and add all the locations you need.

  4. You can then open “Set Up” > “Availability”, select a staff member, select a location, and choose whether you want to make them available at the specific location only or within an x-mile/km radius. 

What clients see on your booking page:

Clients will be required to enter their address prior to seeing times for services when a location radius is applied. And they will only be able to see the availability of staff members working within their address radius.