*Please note: the availability of this feature is restricted to our Bigger Business Plan and above*


10to8 allows you to clearly and simply notify your customers of their booking location.

One of 10to8's booking location options is "At Client’s Address". Enabling this option allows you to create area-based availability by allocating your staff's working hours to a location radius rather than a specific or fixed location.

This article will explain how to set up "At Client's Address", and show you what clients will see on your booking page after this has been done.

How to set up 'At Client's Address' in 5 simple steps

1. First, you will need to enable "At Client's Address" as a location. To do this, head to the left-hand menu of the 10to8 dashboard and select "Set Up" > "Locations". Then, if there is no visible green tick, click "At Client's Address" to enable it. Once enabled, a green tick will appear, as follows:


2. Next, you will need to assign "At Client's Address" to your services. To do this, head to the left-hand menu of the 10to8 dashboard and select "Set Up" > "Services". Then, select the desired service from the list of available services. This will open a menu of details for this specific service. In this menu, select "At Client’s Address" from the "Location" drop-down menu.

3. Now, you need to create a location that will be used as the centre point of the location radius. To do this, head to the left-hand menu of the 10to8 dashboard, and select "Set Up" > "Locations" > "Premises". You can add a new location by clicking the green "+ Add Location" button. A Google Maps drop-down menu will appear when you start entering your address into the address bar. Please make sure to click on the address once it appears in this menu.

4. Once this has been completed, head to the left-hand menu of the 10to8 dashboard, select "Set Up" > "Locations > "Premises" once again, and add all of the locations you need. 

5. You can then once again navigate to the left-hand menu of the 10to8 dashboard and select "Set Up" > "Availability". Then, select a staff member from the list. Once you have selected a staff member, you will be able to view their availability. Select one of their slots to bring up the "Change Availability" menu on the right-hand side of the screen. You can then use this menu to choose whether to make the staff member available only at a specific location, or within an {X}mile/km radius.

You have now successfully set up "At Client's Address". In the following section, we will outline how this looks to your clients on your booking page. 

What clients see on your booking page

When booking a service that takes place "At Client's Address", clients will be prompted to enter their address and will be required to enter their address prior to seeing times for services when a location radius is applied.

Clients will also only be able to view the availability of staff members delivering your services within their address radius.

After entering their address and selecting a staff member to deliver the service, clients will click See Slots to view the available booking slots for their selected service. 

Clients will then be able to select the time slot of their choice and book their appointment.