Regardless of how and where you take bookings, 10to8 is easy to set up for your specific needs. You can use it to arrange bookings at "At client’s address", via "Online/Phone" and/or “At your business premises”.


How to activate locations and add/remove them from your booking page:

Go to "Set Up" > "Locations" and activate the locations that work for you:

  1. At client’s addresses - Customer must enter their address while booking with you

  2. Online/Phone -   Customer bookings made online are in the customers time zone

  3. At your business premises - You can add as many premises as you want

You can hide/show the locations on your booking page by clicking on the green ticks or grey symbols in "Set Up" > "Locations" as below: 

"Set Up" > "Locations"

If services take place at your business premises, click on "Premises" within the “Locations” section under “Set Up” and click on the "+ Add a location" green button.

Adding locations to services:

Once you have set up your locations, you need to add them to your services. This way, you can decide for yourself which service you take where. To make these changes to a service, please go to "Set Up" > "Services" and click on any service. Click on the drop-down menu for "Location" and select the locations where you intend to offer the services from.

"Set Up" > "Services"