In your 10to8 account, you have the ability to assign different Staff to specific services so you can make sure each staff member is taking the correct bookings only!


A good example of how this works effectively would be a tutoring business, where you have different tutors offering different services (e.g. a tutor can do maths but not geography). Having a feature which allows you to limit your services to specific Staff can be essential. 

From the Staff Page

To set this up, head over to "Set Up" > "Staff". Once you have selected a Staff member, go to their "Services" section. In there you will be able to select from the drop-down menu the services that they are available to take bookings for.

A screenshot of the Staff page, in the Services tab of a Staff profile showing where to assign services

You can also click the "trash can" icon beside the name of each service to remove it from the Staff member's list, therefore making them unable to take bookings for that service.

From the Services Page

It is now possible to assign specific services to each staff member from the "Services" page to save you even more time when setting up your account. 

To do this, open "Set Up" > "Services" and select the service that you would like to restrict to specific Staff members. You will see a field labelled "Staff" - here you can start typing the names of any Staff members that you would like to be able to take this service and they will appear in a drop down menu. Clicking on them will add them to the highlighted field. 

A screenshot of the services page showing the field where you can assign the service to staff members

In addition to this, you can also add an entire team by typing the team name into this box. This way, every member of the team will be tied to this service and anyone not named in this list will not be bookable for this type of appointment. You have complete control and flexibility with this, you can add teams as well as individual staff members at the same time. 

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