The layout of the different permission roles that you are able to give your staff has changed. Instead of selecting one option from a drop down menu, now you are able to see a list of all permissions and customise them for each staff member, putting security and privacy at the forefront of everything you do. 


How to change

In order to configure these permissions, please go to "Set Up" > "Staff" and select the staff member that you would like to adjust. 

There is a list of five permissions that you may grant your staff members access to.

A screenshot of the staff permissions page

Permission levels

Is administrator: The organisation creator is automatically a system admin, they can:

  • Edit all organisation settings
  • Book appointments for customers
  • Make bookings on behalf of all staff members
  • Create new or edit customer details
  • Create new or edit details of other staff members
  • Create teams and assign staff members to those teams
  • Create and manage services

Can see all bookings: The staff member is able to see all bookings in the calendar, regardless of which staff member they are booked with or which team they are in. This does not allow them to make any changes to the appointments. 

Can modify all bookings: The staff member able to modify other staff member's bookings, as well as their own. With this box ticked, they can create bookings on behalf of other staff members. 

Can see team's bookings and attendees: This is a feature that we have added for extra security and data protection across your business. With this setting you are able to manage whether other staff members can view each other's calendars or whether they are restricted to only viewing and managing their own bookings and the details of their own customers.

Can create and modify team's services: With this box ticked, you are able to allow this staff member to amend the services assigned to their team, therefore the services of other members of staff in their team. They are also able to make new services from scratch that are available for their team members to take. 

Greyed out boxes

You may see the boxes greyed out so you cannot change whether they are ticked or unticked. This does not mean that the restriction of permissions is unavailable for this staff member. It means that you do not have the required authorisation to make these adjustments to your own or to other staff member's settings. For help with this, please contact a member of staff within your organisation who has the "Is administrator" box ticked.

A screenshot of the staff permissions page with greyed out boxes

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