How to add your Staff:

  1. Click on the blue button "+ Add Staff" (please note you might be seeing a different staff noun depending on your sector category).

  2. Fill in the details of the new staff member, and make sure you enter their correct email address which will allow them to receive notifications about their bookings. Once you have done that, click on the Invite button. 

  3. The new staff member is now created, and the invitation link has been sent out to them. You can manage their ability to Take Bookings as well as their Permissions/rights. And you also have the option to copy the invite link and send it to them directly from your own email address. 

The 'Status' section of the staff record will show whether you have invited them or not.

Setting their Permissions:

In terms of permissions/rights that can be assigned to the staff members, there are multiple options you can select from:

  • System Admin

  • Can view & edit all appointments

  • Can view & edit own appointments

  • Can view all appointments

  • Can view own appointments

You can find out more about the different permission levels in this article.