10to8 supports "Rooms" so that businesses can easily manage clinics and other premisses with multiple practitioners seeing different customers 

Setting up rooms

We offer the room option on the Grow Plan or above and it can be turned on under "Set Up" > "Location" > "Rooms". Once turned on you can add your rooms (or other resources that you need to allocate to appointments) to the system. Once they are added, each room (or other resource) will have their own calendar view.

How to use them?

You can add a room to an appointment on the internal booking form. 

There are two ways:

  1. If a customer has booked the appointment online, you will need to add a room by clicking the change button on the appointment, applying the room and then confirming the change.

  2. If you book the appointment from the calendar you will be able to pick the room straight away.

What are rooms useful for?

Rooms can often be useful when running a clinic with multiple rooms and multiple staff. This way you can make sure that everyone knows which room to use for their meeting.