On the Grow Plan or above, we offer the ability to create Rooms. 

Rooms can be especially helpful to clinics and other businesses having staff seeing multiple customers and sharing the same premises. 

Setting up Rooms

  1. Please visit "Set Up > Locations > Rooms"
  2. Once enabled the feature, you can add an unlimited number of rooms by clicking the ''+ Add room" button. 
  3. Once added, each room will have its own Calendar on your 10to8 account offering also the default options to print or Export it to Excel.

10to8 calendar display

How to use Rooms

Please note, Rooms can only be assigned to bookings rather than to staff members.

You can add a room to your bookings in one of the two following ways:

  • If the booking already exists, click on it on your calendar, click the 'Change' button, and then add the room to the booking by selecting a room from the 'Rooms' drop-down menu.
  • If you book the appointment manually, you can add the room directly to the booking.

Why use rooms

If you have multiple rooms within your premises where you take appointments, Rooms can be used to let both your staff and customers know where their appointment is taking place.

For example, you may run a clinic or a language school and offer your visits or lessons in rooms #200 and #201. You could define this and then direct your customers to the correct room for their appointment.

If you have any questions relating to rooms or are having issues implementing this, please contact us at