Before we get started on how to set up service specific working hours, let’s go through the limitations of this workaround:

  • You have to be on the Grow Plan or above, as you need access to the location specific working hours function.

  • Your services need to take place at a business premise (pre-set address) rather than “Online/Phone” or “At client’s address”

To get started head over to “Set Up” > “Services”:

  1. Set up your different services by using the “Create 1-to-1 service” button. If you run classes, please check out this article instead.

  2. Make sure all services are set to take place at your business premises.

Now go to “Set Up” > “Locations” > “Premises”:

  1. Add the business premises at which the appointments will take place.

  2. Duplicate those business premises so you end up with one location for every service you have. When doing this make sure that you add some kind of indication as to which service these premises should be linked too. We recommend using something like this as the name for the business premises: {{locations name}} - {{service name}} (e.g.: 10to8 Offices - In-Person Meeting).

  3. Contact 10to8 support, via the icon within the product or by emailing, and let us know that you want to limit your services to specific premises.

As last step, go to “Set Up” > “Availability” and add your working hours. To assign specific hours to a specific location, select the location from the drop-down menu in the availability tab. For more details, check out this article.