10to8 can manage your availability by your service as well as your time. This option is available to all 10to8 customers on all of our plans.


How to configure your availability

In order to achieve this, go to "Set Up" > "Availability" and select the staff member you'd like to adjust from the left-hand side bar. 

You will see all of your availability for the current week:

A screenshot of the availability tab displaying the availability for the week

Selecting one of the slots will bring up the option to adjust the availability for that particular day. Click on the pencil icon to change the times so that they are suitable for you and your business.

Selecting Service Specific Availability

A screenshot of the availability settings with the toggle to the left, meaning that 'All Services' are selected

By default, all services will be selected but adjusting the toggle to the right-hand side will reveal all of your services in a drop down menu in the field below.

A screenshot of the list of multiple services dropdown

Select the service you'd like for the specified hours and then select from the options below which day/days you'd like this availability to apply to. You will receive a warning message on the bottom of this bar above the "Apply" button if there are any pre-existing appointments already booked in that conflict with the availability that you are trying to set. 

A screenshot highlighting the day/week options for service specific availability

You can apply service-specific availability to multiple slots in the day so, for example, you could offer the service 'Phone appointments' in the morning and 'Home visits' in the afternoon.

Class Bookings

In regards to 'Class Bookings' you do not need to follow these steps for your availability to be service specific. This is because this type of booking needs to be added into the calendar first before it will appear as bookable on your Online Booking Page to your customers.

For more information on how to configure 'Class Bookings' please refer to this article. 

For any questions related to this, please contact help@10to8.com.