In order to set up Service-Specific Availability with 10to8, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You have to be on the Grow Plan or above, as you need access to the location-specific working hours function.

  • Your services need to take place at a business premise (pre-set address) rather than “Online/Phone” or “At client’s address”

How to set Service-Specific Availability

  1. You will need to go to "Set Up > Locations > Premises" on your 10to8 account.
  2. Add the business premises at which the appointments will take place.
  3. Duplicate those premises so you end up with 1 location for every service you have. When doing this, be sure to add some kind of indication as to which service these premises should be linked to. We recommend using something like this as the name for the premises: {{Location Name}} - {{Service Name}} (E.G London Office - Interview)
  4. Contact 10to8 support, and let us know that you want to limit your services to specific premises. You can contact us at
  5. Go to "Set up > Availability", and add your working hours. Specifying working hours for each location individually will allow the services to only show specific hours of availability. To find out more about setting up your availability, click here.

For any questions related to this, please contact