Setting Up Your Availability

To get started with setting up your availability, head to “Set Up > Availability” on your 10to8 account.

Select the member of staff you wish to adjust the availability for (if you’re adjusting another member of staff’s), from the left-hand side of your screen:

The next step would be to pick a day you wish to adjust, for example, a Monday, and click the pencil icon as seen below:

When you click the pencil icon, a window will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. From this window you can edit your availability.

Each component of the window on the right has been broken down and described here, to give you a better understanding of what everything does.

This box appears at the top of the window, and tells you which member of staff’s availability you are adjusting, and the date that you are adjusting it for. 

The locations dropdown lets you chose which location the availability is for. 

Please note: On the Free/Basic/Micro plan you can only set working hours at "All Locations". To be able to select a specific location you will need to be on the Grow/Pro plan or above.

This is where you can edit the hours you wish to work. Clicking the Trash Can Icon to the right of the times will remove the availability for that day (useful if you do not wish to work that day)

The “+” symbol allows you to add multiple availabilities for a single day. For example, if you are available 9am - 1pm , and then 2pm - 6pm, you may wish to use this feature. You can also use the previously mentioned Trash Can Icon to remove any additional availabilities you add.

This section of the window shows you what day(s) you are adjusting your availability for. Selecting the top option will adjust your availability for that one day exclusively, the second option for the selected days for every week from that date, and the third option will allow you to hand-pick days that you wish to set availability for (maybe you’re going on holiday and need to be unavailable for a period, this would be the most efficient way to adjust this).

This is what appears when you click on the “Multiple Days” option. By clicking on the dates you wish to adjust (they will highlight in blue when you click them) you will adjust your availability for those specified days only.

All you need to do to set up your availability is to make sure you select the correct date(s), times, put in the information and press the “Apply to xxxx Days” button at the bottom of the window. This will save and update your availability, which will reflect in your booking slots on your booking page, as well as on your 10to8 calendar (with available times being shown with a white background, and unavailable times showing in grey).

If you are having issues with your availability:

If you are seeing “No available slots” on your booking page, we have other support guides that can help you troubleshoot your problems and resolve them. You can find them here:

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