Setting up your calendar sync with 10to8 is very quick and easy. Follow the steps in this guide to successfully sync your calendar.


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How to set up your Calendar Sync:

  1. Go to "Set Up" > "Calendar Sync" on your 10to8 account. 
  2. Select the correct member of staff (if prompted):Choose the correct member of staff, and then click "Activate Calendar Sync"
  3. Now click the "Activate Calendar Sync" button. It will take you to Cronofy, who manage 10to8's calendar sync.
  4. Follow the steps Cronofy offer to connect your calendar. 10to8 currently syncs with the following:
    1. iCal
    2. Exchange
    3. Office 365
    5. Google Calendar
  5. If you wish to sync multiple calendars, click the "Activate Calendar Sync for more calendar providers" button, and repeat step #4 of this guide:How to add additional calendars to your sync
  6. As soon as you've connected all the calendars you wish to sync with 10to8, you will find that the 1st calendar for each calendar synced is automatically synced, but others will require you to manually set them up. The options for sync are as follows:
    1. Sync 10to8 appointments into XXXXX (Which syncs bookings from your 10to8 account into your external calendar)
    2. Sync XXXXX appointments into 10to8 (Which syncs your external calendar information into your 10to8 calendar)

Selecting the sync(s) that you need will cause the calendar to resync itself; this is to gather all new information from between both calendars. 

Configure Calendar Sync options

Syncing into 10to8

To sync your external data into 10to8, select the "Sync XXXX appointments into 10to8" option. Selecting "Sync busy times only" or "Sync all appointment information" will show different data on your 10to8 calendar:

  • "Sync busy times only" means that 10to8 will sync appointments, into 10to8, as busy times with no other information.
  • "Sync all appointments information" means that 10to8 will sync the name of the appointment as well as any notes into 10to8.

Selecting this option will ensure your data comes into 10to8

Syncing into your personal calendar

To sync your 10to8 appointments into your personal calendar, Select the "Sync 10to8 appointments into XXXX" option. You will be given a choice to "Only sync my appointments", or "Sync everyone's appointments":

  • "Only sync my appointments" means that you will only sync your 10to8 appointments into your personal calendar.
  • "Sync everyone's appointments" means that you will sync all staff on your 10to8 account's appointments in your personal calendar.

How to sync into your personal calendar.


If you encounter any issues with your calendar sync, please check out our Troubleshooting Calendar Sync article.