When you sign up to 10to8, you will enter most of your Business Details. From the Business Details page of your account, you can update your information, and include new information. This short guide will outline the different settings you can change on your 10to8 account.


Business Details

Under the Business Details section of your account, you have the ability to customise several pieces of information, that will appear on your 10to8 booking page.

  • Name - The name of your Business
  • Short Name (For SMS) - The short name that appears in place of a number, when your clients receive SMS
  • Email - Your company email (info@mycompany.com, for example)
  • Phone Number - Your company phone number
  • Website - The URL for your company website.

This is where you enter your 10to8 business details. "Set Up > Business Details".

Online Booking Page and Customer Communications

You can include further information, to better help personalise your business's booking page, such as:

  • Business Description - A short text about your company
  • Cancellation Policy - If your business has a cancellation policy, you can share this information here. This shows on your booking page, for all customers to see.
  • Privacy Notice - If you wish to share your privacy notice with customers, you can do so here.
  • Country - You can specify the country your business operates in.
  • Language - You can choose the language that bests suits your business. The language chosen will show on your customer-facing pages, such as your Booking Page.
  • Timezone - you can specify which timezone you are in. This is especially important if you have clients from a different timezone.
  • Currency - You can specify your pricing in a variety of currencies. 

Additional Business Details settings offered by 10to8

Any information you add to this page will show you on your booking page. Please be sure to double-check that the information you have entered is information you wish to share.

If you do not see your timezone, language, or currency, please contact 10to8 support at help@10to8.com